Hong Kong Tech Challenge Competition 2020

日期: 15/01/2020

The Hong Kong Tech Challenge Game 2020, the qualifier of the VEX World Championship for Hong Kong local schools, is an annual event hosted by the Asian Robotics League and CINTEC of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The competition aims to nurture young people's interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) by providing interactive competition platform with designable and programmable robots. It also reinforces students' real-case solving skills and teamwork spirit by providing hands-on experience and idea-sharing community. 

This year, our S4 and S5 Shunbotics teams competed with 23 schools on 4th & 5th January, 2020 and finally won the 2nd Runner-up prize in the higher form section of this challenging competition. Congratulations to all participants!

4B Wong Chin Ching 黃展晴

4C Ng Siu Ping 吳小冰 

5B Chung Chi Kuen 鍾志權 

5B Lam Sui Kit 林瑞傑

5B Sun Ron 申朗

5B Tam Wing Chun 譚穎鐫

5B Tsui Tsz Fung 徐子豐

5D Cheung Wai Sun 張煒燊

5D Chung Shing Him 鍾誠謙