Extended Curriculum

The school endeavours to offer a rich learning experience for students to acquire skills and knowledge, while developing a positive outlook on life, through a school-based programme, Extended Curriculum.

S1 - SHUN Teens

The S1 curriculum focuses on self-development and resistance through a series of adventure-based training programmes arranged by SHUN Teens.

S2 - V-Power Service Programme

The S2 curriculum focuses on community service, in which students develop a spirit of serving the community and strengthen their sense of responsibility.

S3 - Planning for the Future

The S3 curriculum guides students to plan their future through a series of career talks. S3 students are given talks to understand various NSS subjects and entry requirements of university programmes.

S1 to S3 - Project Learning across KLAs

To nurture students into active learners, Project Learning across KLAs becomes the backbone of junior secondary education. Students gain first-hand experience in data collection, field trips, research and conducting interviews. This prepares students for their Independent Enquiry Study (IES) in senior secondary education.