To help our students meet the requirements of NSS, our school has provided them with diversified learning experiences in their junior levels.

S1 - Hong Kong Adventure Corps

S1 students are required to take a one-year discipline and adventures training program organized by the Hong Kong Adventures Corps (HKAC). All interested S2 students are welcome to extend their participation and to receive advanced training in S2 and S3. When these students reach senior levels they will be promoted to non-commissioned officers who assist in training the junior members.

S2 - V-Power Service Programme

We always encourage our students to participate in voluntary work. With the assistance of Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, we organize complete volunteer training programme for our S2 students. This allows them to get more involved in voluntary work works and learn how to organize different community services. Our students acquire problem-solving skills and develop better leadership skills through these experiences.

S3 - Planning for the Future Programme

Start early and plan well. Our students start to plan for their life, with the programme entitledPlanning for Futureorganized for our S3 students by the school. This programme aims at facilitating our students understanding of their personalities and the demands of the working world.

S1 to S3 - Project Learning across KLAs

In order to enable students to gain first-hand experience in data collection, field trips, research and conducting interviews, Project Learning across KLAs become one of the core modules in junior levels. This prepares them for the Independent Enquiry Study (IES) in NSS Academic Structure.




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