Reading habit is an essential components in both language learning and life-long learning. In order to help our students to form their reading habit, a 15-minutes reading period has been put into the regular time-table every morning since 2000.

In order to enhance the effectiveness of reading period, a re-structuring is introduced in 2012. 3 to 4 periods per cycle will be assigned as reading to learn periods. The concept of self-regulated reading will be introduced. Students will be encouraged to set up target of reading based on their own careers aspiration or their fields of interest. Teachers will become facilitators to help students access various resources in reading. School library and subject panels will provide support and advice to students. Students are also encouraged to build up social network on reading. A platform will be developed to help students exhibit their founding in reading.

Reading scheme is also designed for our students every long holiday. An reading award scheme is set and a theme-park trip will be arranged to recognize students with good reading habit.

Activities in Reading to Learn period
Introduction of Self-regulated Reading
  • Setting reading targets
  • Making reading plans and timetables
  • Introduction of public library E-book system
Reading in the library
  • Students can freely pick up books and read them in the library
  • Enjoying the library facilities and the reading atmosphere in the library
Teacher book recommendation
  • Teacher sharing of personal reading experience (e.g. genres, joy from reading, challenges encountered)
  • Introduction of a booklist of a particular subject/ domain
  • Group discussion of reading experience
Silent reading
  • Silent reading with the purpose of identifying reading areas
Student book recommendation
  • 2 groups sharing their reading experiences with the use of book excerpts, IT resources and relevant videos, etc.




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